Waste Consulting and Management services for Commercial Buildings, Business Parks, Retail Shopping Centers and Industrial Sites.

DC Environmental is a recognized leader in full-service recycling and waste management for commercial buildings, office parks and retail centers. It helps clients attain ESG goals by reducing environmental impact, solving waste management issues, planning for sustainability, and improving efficiency. This includes the following:

• Customized recycling programs that are designed with consideration of the unique tenant mix for each client property.

• Waste Stream Management programs that divert all recyclable and reusable materials out of the property’s waste stream to reduce landfill directed waste.

• Drives GREEN and ZERO WASTE goal attainment for buildings, office parks and retail centers.

• In-depth waste management audits, and designs for your waste program to achieve LEED certification.

• Optimizes equipment and partners with first class service providers to reduce costs.

• E-waste recycling events help property managers recycle electronics in accordance with state and federal regulations.

Assistance with the “E” in ESG.

The environmental portion of ESG considers how a company performs as a steward of the environment. DC Environmental drives sustainability improvements to serve the “E” in ESG.  

Save time and money, focus on your business.
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