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Waste Solutions


CERTIFIED provides innovative waste reduction services to its clients by working directly with your company to identify and reduce hidden costs while streamlining your administrative overhead associated with managing your waste stream. While traditional waste management companies are incentivized by keeping inefficiencies in your system and increasing the tonnage you send to landfill, our primary goal is to save you money and time - WE DON'T MAKE MONEY UNLESS WE ARE SAVING YOU MONEY!! On average we save our clients over 40% off of their waste invoices on an annual basis and hundreds of hours of employee time administering their programs.

We are committed to partnering with your organization to achieve compliance with all local, state and federal guidelines governing your waste diversion program. CERTIFIED provides the following value-add services to meet these mandates:

  • Monthly and annual reporting on recycling progress
  • Detailed environment impact reports
  • In-depth cost savings analysis
  • Free comprehensive waste stream audits

Our team is always searching for the most innovative ways to reduce, re-use and recycle your company’s various waste streams. We serve as a single point of contact for all of your billing, trucking, payment and customer service needs related to your waste and recycling program. Our #1 priority is to get your company as close to zero landfill and 100% diversion as possible!

Custom Reporting Examples

We provide your business with comprehensive reporting on your waste program

We can provide solutions to all of your waste needs!