Save time and reduce costs
with customized recycling and waste services.

CERTIFIED provides innovative waste reduction services to its clients that optimize recycling income streams and shrink annual waste spend. 

Commercial Recycling

• Fast, exceptional customer service and timely rebate payments.

• Increases diversion and sustainability.  Recycle more, send less to landfill.

• Stay in compliance with government regulations and mandates: AB 341 and AB 1826.  

Waste Reduction Solutions

• Customized   waste diversion programs that measure sustainability and reduce monthly waste spend.

• Analyzes efficiency of equipment and regular waste services.

• Tailored programs for clients, based on industry.

Product and Document Destruction

• Protects brand reputation by destroying defective, expired, and/or contaminated products.

• Ensures public safety/health when food products must be destroyed to prevent consumption.

• Certified destruction/disposition of apparel, merchandise, food, liquids, documents, etc.

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DC Environmental 

• DC Environmental, a division of CERTIFIED, provides full-service recycling and waste management services for Class A buildings, office parks and retail shopping centers.

• Improves operational efficiency, sustainability, compliance, and drives cost reduction.

• Helps clients improve the Environmental component of ESG performance and ratings.

Compliance with CA Assembly Bills 341 & 1826

AB-341 requires that all commercial businesses and public entities that generate 2 cubic yards or more of waste per week must have a recycling program in place. 

Customization to reduce costs and lower waste spend.

CERTIFIED provides clients with customized waste diversion programs that help drive ESG performance results.

Equipment to manage your waste stream.  

CERTIFIED provides all the equipment your company needs to manage any waste stream, big or small. Leasing and financing options with no up-front cash are available.