Meet the demands of climate change with a partner who understands sustainability and how to serve your unique needs. 

Let us take care of your waste stream design  and planning. 

Waste Stream Management

CERTIFIED utilizes a proprietary process that:

• Analyzes current waste streams, equipment utilization, and monthly spend.

• Designs/manages customized waste solutions programs for each client.

• Ensures that results are measured to validate success and attain ESG goals established by your company to improve sustainability and the environment.

Waste Reduction is Achieved

CERTIFIED is a partner who both designs and manages the waste process:

• Single point of contact for all waste/recycling operations, billing, and customer service.

• Strives to get clients to ZERO landfill status to lower annual waste spend.

• Continuous improvement to further reduce, re-use and recycle each waste stream. Enables clients to focus on running and growing their businesses.

Comply With Local, State, and Federal Guidelines

CERTIFIED partners with clients to achieve compliance with all local, state and federal guidelines governing waste diversion.

CERTIFIED provides the following value-add services to meet these mandates:

• Free comprehensive waste stream audits.

• In-depth cost savings analyses.

• Customized Waste Solutions programs to achieve agreed-upon goals.

• Monthly and annual reporting on recycling progress.

• Detailed environment impact reports.

Save time and money, focus on your business.
Leave your waste and recycling needs to the experts!